Three Territorians are giving the Meat Supply Industry what it has long needed – a damn good shake up.

PRIME MEATS NT, distributes high quality meats, wholesale, to a range of industries, including restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels,
schools, sporting associations, mine sites and remote communities.

Business is thriving due to the high-quality cuts of meat that they provide, not to mention the exceptional price and efficient service that is on offer. The business knows what their customers want as all partners involved created the successful ‘Fresh Produce Distributiors’ back in 2000 and have been involved in the wholesale industry since.


Selling 'Fresh Produce Distributors in 2015', they established PRIME MEATS NT earlier this year after identifying that the service industries throughout the NT are screaming for a quality wholesaler that will firstly listen to the requirements of the customer, and secondly deliver, in an efficient and competitive manner.

PRIME MEATS NT focuses on two core principals – quality and service – delivering great meat in an effective way.

It has the rights to sell top brands, including Cape Grim Beef, one of the best of the best in Australia.

We recognise there is a need for a good operator. Yes, we will be disruptive in the market, but we don’t mind that. There has been a status quo for a long time. Customers need better service and that is what we aim to provide.

The company has a master butcher – UK, Grant Chapman, whose role includes customising orders. For instance, he developed a special sausage for a Darwin city centre restaurant – and won praise all round for his work.

Prime Meats can vacuum seal all products to your specifications including beef, lamb, poultry, pork, kangaroo and buffalo.

“We make life easier for the chefs who buy from us. We get great, positive feedback from them.”

Jody is confident that Prime Meats will continue to grow.

"We’re all Territorians, we know the market, we’re offering a great product at a good price and we’ve got a good reputation."

- Article written by Taste Territory